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Wood Floor Systems

Through our exclusive partnership with Robbins Sports Surfaces we have several different flooring options, both wood and synthetic, to meet any of your flooring or budget needs. Since 1894 we have been installing gym floors with the latest and safest technology. Keeping the athletes safe and performing at their highest level is the ultimate goal and the performance of the floor system plays a major factor in that.

Our premier anchored resilient flooring systems offer the latest and greatest technology to help us achieve that goal. The several different padding options available provide the option to determine the level of performance your gym floor will have. Through these padding options your gym floor can achieve a greater level of shock absorption, sending less vibration back into the athletes’ bodies keeping them safer and performing at their highest level for a longer period of time. Whether you are building a new facility or are looking to replace your existing gym floor, we have the flooring that will fit your needs.

For the last 125+ years we have installed the latest and safest gym floors money can buy in all kinds of facilities throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Ranging from elementary schools and churches to recreation centers and high schools, all the way to division 1 and professional sports facilities, we have worked with them all. Our gym flooring experts in each office can answer any of your questions or concerns. Please reach out to the office closest to you to set up a free consultation.