Cincinnati Floor Company was established in 1894 to provide flooring solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Now well over a century later we are still providing the same great service to our clients.

Originally founded by Robert Stoehr Sr. in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company manufactured as well as installed wood floors.

From the time of it’s founding, the company quickly established respect in the industry by adhering to the ironclad principles of quality and service…no matter what.

As a result, its reputation for quality product and skilled craftmanship grew and major national projects sought their expertise.

During the 1930’s the company installed many prestigious projects including a huge eight-acre teakwood installation at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI and the National Art Gallery in Washington, DC where four and one half acres of plank wood flooring was installed. During the post-depression era however the company began diversifying and branching into other construction products, which evolved into various profit center divisions within the firm. One of these divisions, their Flooring Division continued to be the backbone of the company’s growth.

Under the leadership of two grandsons, James and Robert Stoehr III, the company expanded into access floors, composition floors, and recreational flooring systems including pourable synthetic flooring and running track systems and marketed those products in a four state area.


In 1988 The Cincinnati Floor Company was sold with the Specialty Flooring operations to Doug Drenik, who had successfully ran that division for over eight years. The company was then moved to its present location in 1991, which proved to be a more convenient location for its four state operations while providing additional office space as well as a large warehouse facility for the growth of the company. The company is located in St. Bernard where it continues to grow at what Mr. Drenik describes as “a controlled and steady pace”.

“Too many firms try to grow too rapidly and I didn’t want that for our company. We’ve been providing the finest flooring products to customers for over one hundred years and hopefully we’ll be around for the next one hundred. We pride ourselves on the quality products we represent, but the workmanship is what sets us apart and we want to keep it that way.”

In addition to the Cincinnati office, the company has branch offices in Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana,  Each of the three offices has their own highly trained and experienced sales staff and flooring mechanics.

Today Cincinnati Floor Company is recognized as a leader both regionally as well as nationally for quality service and the quality installations we have completed over the years.