The Maintenance Division of Cincinnati Floor Company will provide complete inspection, refinishing, restriping, screening and recoating services. Also available to clients are maintenance products and comprehensive maintenance agreements for their wood and/or synthetic floors.

Cincinnati Floor Company not only installs floors, we also maintain hundreds of floors every year. Whether your floor needs a screen & coat for a revival of luster or a deeper rejuvenation through a sand and finish, Cincinnati Floor can get the job done. We understand that you want the best products, the most experienced workforce and the latest in choices for graphics. We are here to provide all of this and more.

If you:

  • Know exactly what your floor needs and would like to schedule a screen & coat or a sand & finish, · Aren’t sure exactly what your floor needs,
  • Need someone to take a look at your floor,
  • Have questions about your floor and the products used on your floor,
  • Are interested in taking care of your own floor and need products to do it properly,

Give Cincinnati Floor a call. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist.

Working with only the best floor products, our experienced crews will quickly and professionally maintain your floors to the highest standards, while minimizing the downtime of the facility. Leave your maintenance requirements to the experts, who can do the job right.