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Gym Floor Maintenance

Routine maintenance plays a crucial role in keeping your gym floor performing at its highest level for as long as possible. A gym floor that is not maintained properly can result in a slick floor that could put the athletes at risk. There are a few different levels to properly maintaining your gym floor and keeping your athletes as safe as possible: routine maintenance, annual maintenance, and a full sand, stripe, and finish every 8-10 years.

Routine Maintenance

Daily cleaning requires only dust mopping with Cincinnati Floor Dust Mop Treatment. Dirt, sand, and grit will dull and accelerate the wear of the finish.  Removing and sand or grit will extend floor life.

  1. Place door mats or rugs at entry ways, bathroom exits, or other high traffic areas to remove excessive dirt and moisture. Clean mats often.
  2. Spills or liquids on the floor should be wiped up immediately.
  3. For stubborn stains or spills, spray Cincinnati Floor Dust Mop Treatment on the stain and let stand for not more than five (5) seconds. Wipe dry and repeat if necessary. Call Cincinnati Floor Company before using any solvents to clean stains.
  4. Do not use dust mop treatments or floor cleaners that contain wax, paraffin, silicone, and mineral oil. Do not use pre-treated dust mops.  Use of these products can cause adhesion problems when re-coating the floor.
  5. Heavy floor usage may require dust mopping more often.
  6. Avoid the use of power scrubbers or any water on the wood floor.

Please contact the flooring experts in our office located closest to you for more information on purchasing Cincinnati Floor Dust Mop Treatment and specific instructions on how to use it.

Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance consists of a screen and re-coat. In this process we use new technology while abrading the floor to nearly eliminate the number of swirls that show up on your floor. We lightly abrade the surface, scratching up the top layer of finish only, to ensure a mechanical bond between the new and existing finish. The annual screen and re-coat is crucial to maintaining the proper coefficient of friction and keeping your floor from becoming slick. A dirty floor wears fast and can be become slippery.

We offer both oil and water-based finishes that are MFMA approved. We use the same finishes on the elementary schools as we do when we screen and re-coat the Indiana Pacers and the Cleveland Cavaliers. We pride ourselves on treating every one of our customers the same. Call today to schedule a free estimate and get your gym floor shining like new before our schedule is full!

Sand & Re-Finish

Every 8-10 years the MFMA recommends re-sanding your gym floor. With this process ALL the paint and finish will be sanded off your gym down to the bare wood. This is necessary because each year you do your annual screen and re-coat, the bond between the layers of finish gets weaker and weaker. This results in finish peeling off the floor in spots making the floor harder to maintain on top of it becoming an eye sore. We have a dedicated crew that only does sanding, striping, and finishing. This crew has many years of experience in sanding gym floors with precision to not take off too much wood and reduce the overall lifespan of your gym floor.

The sand and re-finish allows you to transform your gym into a completely new look than before. You can change or add logos, you can add stain to certain parts of your floor or keep the same design as before. No matter which you choose when we are finished your floor looks brand new.