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Synthetic Sports Flooring

Our comprehensive line of synthetic sports flooring allows for a synthetic option for every need.

Robbins’ seamless polyurethane synthetic floor systems are more durable and easier to maintain than most synthetic floors on the market. In most synthetic flooring, the floors always fail at the seams. Water gets in the seams and settles, and the floor starts to fail. This is typically a direct result of cleaning the floor. With Robbins Pulastic and Strata synthetic flooring there is no seam. This makes the floor easier to clean and more durable than the others on the market.

Our high-performance Pulastic and Strata Sport seamless polyurethane line offers several different pad thicknesses to fit your budget and performance needs. The durability and low maintenance cost associated with these synthetic floors makes them a great fit in multipurpose spaces such as fieldhouses, churches, K-12 education facilities, and college and university indoor training areas.  These floors can be used as basketball courts, indoor running and walking tracks, and locker rooms. Depending on the existing surface these floors may be installed over top of what is already down reducing overall cost with no demolition required.

We also offer various weight room options from rolled rubber, to floating interlocking tiles.  With different thicknesses, roll widths, and textures there is an option for every weight room.  Logos are a possibility with our weight room materials allowing you to make your weight room stand out from the crowd.