Cincinnati Floor Company represents America’s premier manufacturers of flooring products offers the finest, most cost-effective selection of materials.

We know not every customer has experience with floor systems. We take the time to provide the right information you need to make an informed decision. Cincinnati Floor Company provides floor systems to a variety of customers, including:

Schools (gymnasiums, stages, computer labs, etc.)

Business Offices (computer and mechanical equipment rooms)

Recreational centers (gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, running tracks, dance and aerobic studios, racquetball courts, etc.)

Commercial facilities (stages, restaurants, retail stores and animal stalls) The type of floor system you’ll need is determined by the type of facility and the range of expected use.

At Cincinnati Floor Company, we strive to determine the best system not only by need, but by budget. We work with you to determine the best values in your price range, and make them available to you.